Pontremoli Farmhouse

By means of finicky, careful renovation works we have tried to make the old rural mansion a place where the beauty, culture and values of Lunigiana could live again. The grand original structure, so massive and so regular, naturally led us to choose a style characterized by a simple but lasting taste. This is why floors are completely covered with authentic terracotta tiles which have been created and fired one by one; a large part of the roof is made of “piagne”, that is sandstone slabs, according to our historical custom; the heavy doors as well as the window frames, all made of chestnut wood, are the fruit of joiners’ labour. Vietri pottery was our choice for giving the bathrooms an elegant touch in shades of blue. Outside, the masonry-work with exposed stones definitely brings out the construction architectural force. Inside this last is still pretty perceptible: here the imposing chestnut beams give indeed a fierce sense of safety. No doubt, the house has great impact on the visitor: it seems to embrace people who get there. You can harmoniously touch it as a whole by running through its ups and downs of stairs; then, once under the cool arcade, you will come to play hide and seek with your own shadow among the pillars. The structure generous size allowed us to make four flatlets – furnished with few selected antiques – and seven spacious, comfortable bedrooms. The tall centuries-old trees encircling the residence immediately mirror the unpolluted nature of the sorrounding woods and, as it’s easy to guess, it is not uncommon for woodpeckers and squirrels to drop in. The quiet flowing of the river will massage your thoughts in the noon hours, while you will be lying down and enjoying the kiss of sun by the swimming pool. This is undeniably an ideal place to relax your body and mind. And as curiosity and hunger for knowledge will make you stand up, you can go exploring the nearby ancient castles and monasteries as well as the medieval villages and churches, far from the chaos and the mass tourism. You can go on excursions up hill and down dale, through the woods and forests, along the streams and rivers. Simplicity is our richness. You will get totally absorbed in what you might call a no longer existing world.